2011 Marin Lucas Valley Hybrid Bike

Vélo tout chemin d'occasion pour homme ou femme à Marseille 3ème. Acheter un Vélo tout chemin pas cher à Marseille 3ème.
2011 Marin Lucas Valley Hybrid Bike

The ALP (Aerodynamic Lightweight Performance) series provides riders unaccustomed to road bikes an option for both speed and comfort on long rides and commutes. Part road bike and part hybrid, the ALP models combine fast moving wheels and road bike gearing with the stable and upright riding position of a hybrid. This is The Carbon Fiber series.

This bike is Used and has some wear and Tear,just scrathes near handle bar and pedal. I would advise you to get a new seat and to adjust the gears at a bike shop. This a great bike.

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320 EUR

Vélo pour homme ou femme
Taille L Large

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